What Is
Hopae SDK?

Provides you the developer friendly interface
that simplifies the complex world of Decentralized ID implementation.

It follows all the specification of W3C Verifications Data Model 2.0 and the eIDAS2.0 Architectural Reference requirement such as OpenId4VC network.

Go through us to get introduced to Decentralized ID while spending less time studying its ins and outs by yourself.

Wallet SDK

build wallet and issue credentials

Verify SDK

Get ready to verify and accept credential

Powered by DCX technology, Whether you want to issue credentials, manage wallet, or verify credentials, Hopae should be your choice.

Digital Credential Express

DCX architecture for developers to rely on

• Maintain an average verification speed of 10 milliseconds

• W3C VCDM and DID compliant, DLT or non-DLT agnostic

• Track record of handling over 43 Million MAU

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Easy to use
interface modules

Verifiable credential

Simple integration to issue, manage, verify Verifiable Credentials according to W3C VCDM 2.0. All the requirements such as SD-JWT, Zero-Knowledge Proof, Decentralized Identifiers, Json-LD syntax and much more are there. Try out Now !

Performance Cache

Supporting OpenID4VC standard required by eidas2.0.


Choose your method of encryption and proof from our Crypto Module.

Verifiable Credentials

Choose your method of Authentication. We support top-of-the shelf methods such as biometrics and Fido modules.

Hardware Support

Customize the storage settings of user VC data, enabling secured local storage for privacy related data.

Private key management

Manage private keys securely by using methods such as rsa or ecda to sign user’s signature

Check our open source involvement

SSI is a community effort, in development through
collaboration between governments, research, commercial companies, and passion driven believers. Hopae is not an exception.

Hopae has been contributing to this effort by being a founding member of Open Wallet Foundation and consistently releasing authorized projects for the community.

OWF foundation founding member

OWF Active Project on sd-jwt js

SSI Meet up Speaker